Succulent Centerpieces with Pumpkins | OCT 30


Succulent Centerpieces with Pumpkins | October 30th | 12-1 PM

Pumpkin & Succulent Centerpieces are very popular for a Thanksgiving Dinner Table or curating the perfect Facebook/Instagram post around this time of year. This is a unique and simple arrangement where we will strategically place living succulents on the pumpkin of your choice. After Fall, you can replant the succulents in a container to use as houseplants.

Ryan will be leading this class through all of the step-by-step techniques on how to make the perfect pumpkin centerpiece. 

Workshop Includes: Choice of Pumpkin, Multiple Succulents, and all other materials needed.

Class Includes: Instruction, Unique Pumpkin, Stencils, & Paints!
Pumpkins will come in three sizes: Small @ $25 - Orange Pie Pumpkin Size, Medium @ $35 Cinderella Pumpkin & Large @ $45 Cinderella Pumpkin

Questions? Text/Call Ryan at 740.359.4467 or email at