Rhododendron 'Cherry Cheesecake'


Height: 4-5 feet
Spread: 4-5 feet
Zones: 5-8

The chilly hills of Germany have furnished us with this delicious cultivar that will make you want to find room among your already crowded collection of Rhododendron. Genetically modified with double chromosomes that lead to the production of thicker stems and leaves, flowers that last even longer and a more compact form, this plant would be an outstanding addition even without its riveting bloom. But, its bloom is the Cherry on the Cheesecake, so to speak, with huge trusses of stunning pure white blooms artfully edged with deep red along with a dramatic burgundy-red splotch added to each bloom's upper lobe, a look that is simply mesmerizing. Make sure you plant 'Cherry Cheesecake' in a morning sun/afternoon shade location with protection from winter winds and moist, well drained soil so you can enjoy this plant to its fullest.

Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips:
Likes moist, well-drained soil, mulch, and winter wind protection. Responds well to a specialized Azalea/Rhodie, acid fertilizer application. Prune to shape in summer immediately after blooming subsides.