Rain Barrels with Ryan Workshop - April 29th


April 29th - 6 PM

Are you interested in collecting rain water at your house or building a Rain Barrel? Bedner's Farm and Greenhouse has the materials and tools for this backyard, DIY Project! Trust us, this class will be "barrels" of fun!

Learn the importance of fresh water conservation, the impact of rain water run off, and the benefits of collecting and storing rain water. During this class, you will learn how to harvest rain from your roof to use in your backyard. We'll cover site selection, water management, rain water run off, and plenty more!

After 30-45 minutes of lecture, you will have the option to build your own rain barrel. If you're not interested in building a rain barrel, you can grab a pre-assembled one.

Cost of this workshop is $75 - Includes Lecture, Workshop, and Rain Barrel (You can bring a friend to this class for free. Please indicate at check-out if doing so for capacity limits).

Questions? Contact Ryan at ryan@bednersgreenhouse.com or Call/Text: 740.359.4467

*An additional Rain Barrel can be purchased at check-out for $75