Pieris jap. 'Little Heath'


Height: 18-24 inches
Spread: 24-30 inches
Zones: 5-8

Looking for a small shrub that gives you more than just the right size? 'Little Heath' may be the plant you're searching for with an overflowing resume of attributes that will make that small space of yours shine throughout the year. Great texture is this plant's main calling card, with tiny, narrow, long leaves that create a dainty look while adding the attribute of year round color as each leaf has a narrow margin of creamy variegation that makes this little wonder shimmer in the landscape. Tiny spikes of white pendulous bell flowers top the foliage in mid-April adding another dimension to this plant's beauty while new growth emerges in May with bronze colored tones that contribute even more to its season wide appeal. Plant 'Little Heath' in a wind protected morning sun, afternoon shade location for best results and enjoy this rare little treasure.

Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips:
Likes well-drained, moist soil and mulch. Prune immediately after flowering in late spring by cutting branches to just above a set of leaves. Protect from winter winds.