Kalanchoe 'Flapjacks'

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Kalanchoe luciae has smooth flat leaves that blush a beautiful red with the right amount of sunlight.

Kalanchoe is a very large genus of diverse plants in the stonecrops family (Crassulaceae). Many are grown for their flowers, but “flapjacks“ (sometimes used as a common name, other times indicated as a cultivar) is prized for its foliage. With large, fleshy, paddle- shaped leaves it provides architectural interest and bold texture.

The flattened leaves appear stacked up.

The common name ­— which refers to the leaves that stack one on top of the other like pancakes — is used for two very similar species, both native to South Africa, which are often confused in the horticultural trade. Because the plants’ appearance varies depending on the growing conditions, it can be difficult to distinguish the two until they bloom. Most plants called K. thyrsiflora — which is a rather rare species with paler, smaller leaves — are probably really the more common K. luciae. Other common names include paddle plant, desert cabbage and dog tongue.