Hydrangea pan. 'Phantom' (tree form)

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If you are looking for huge Hydrangea blooms, there is nothing that holds a candle to 'Phantom' with mammoth flower cones that can be up to 15" tall!! You may rub your eyes when you first see the size of these early to mid August flowers but you can believe it and rest assured that the thick, heavy duty stems that hold them aloft are up to the task of keeping them upright and not floppy, unlike many other paniculata varieties. And, just because they are huge, it doesn't mean they are here and gone. 'Phantom's' flowers last well into the fall taking on a pink shade as they age and they dry well for use in arrangements for inside. 'Phantom' loves full sun or partial shade and will make one of the showiest border plantings ever when grouped.

10 gallon tree form