Fall Gardening Fun | September 14th

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Fall Gardening Fun | September 14th | 6PM 

Interested in starting your own Fall Garden? Not sure where to start? Bedner's Farm and Greenhouse has the scoop on Fall Gardening 101. Trust us, it's not too cold to start plants that like the cool whether known as "Brassicas" or "Cole Crops".

During this lecture, you will learn how to garden in the ground, a raised bed, or in a container (Container Gardening). Based on what your family likes to eat, you will also get to pick the right plants for your garden. 

We'll cover site selection, amount of sunlight, watering schedules, pollinators, soil conditions, fertilizers, and plants to make your first Fall Garden a success!

After the hour lecture on Fall Gardening, you will get to sketch your garden, ask questions.

Price is $10 Per Participant


Bedner's Farm and Greenhouse

315 Coleman Road

McDonald, PA 15057