DIY Pallet Gardens



May 15th: DIY Pallet Gardens 10-12 or 1-3 (Select Time at Check-out)

Have you seen those "Pallet Gardens" on Pinterest or Instagram and always wanted to create your own? Here's your chance! We have all kinds of plants and pallets to create your unique masterpiece.

Participants will meet at the Gazebo in the Nursery Section at Bedner's Farm and Greenhouse. They will start this event by selecting the pallet of their choice and install landscape fabric. We will then fill our pallets with soil and select our plants. Every garden/project will be unique, but there are three examples that we recommend: Herb, Veggie, or Creative. From Basil to Curry, Lettuce to Strawberries, or Ivy to Hens & Chicks, we have everything you will need.  

Bring a friend or your family to this event! Please note that this event is charged "Per Project" not "Per Person". 


Cost: $45 Per Small Project (About 1 ft. x 2.5 ft.) or $80 Per Large Project (About 1 ft. x 5 ft.) See pictures below for "Small" & "Large" examples.

Ticket Includes: Instruction, Pallet of your choice, 6-15 plants (depending on selected project), Soil, etc. Note: Class will take anywhere from 1-2 hours. Please select your time preference (10-12 or 1-3) at check-out.

Questions? Contact Ryan Smith at