Delphinium 'Blue Diamonds'

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A compact habit on a delphinium is a very, very good thing. Usually, tall stalks laden with tons of blooms need staking to keep from flopping over. However, on short, strong stems, you'll see clumps of brilliant blue rising up above the even, bushy green foliage. The blooms will hold strong to the stems, continuing to shine for weeks at the edge of a border. Diamonds Blue keeps blooming throughout the summer too—it takes well to pruning and pushes out more blooms after a good haircut. We also suggest it for the cutting garden, the plentiful blooms perform so well in fresh–cut bouquets. Blue is a prized color in garden design because of its rarity, and with Diamonds Blue, you'll have that color in droves. It's a tough, easy–care and strong variety. It attracts butterflies and other beneficial pollinators, while deer tend not to bother with it. Perfect size and habit for filling out containers.