2023 Container Garden Club (Saturdays)

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Welcome to the Container Garden Club (Saturdays)!

To be a member of this club, you'll pay a one time fee to join our container garden club which meets once a season on a Wednesday (April 22nd, June 17th, and September 23rd) at 11 am to create a custom container garden. Your registration fee for 2023 includes the 14" container that you’ll bring back each season to fill with our beautiful blooms! 

Looking for two matching homemade containers each season? Then select our option to create 2 containers. We will provide all the soil and plant material that are seasonally fit to create a unique design. 

Our Container Garden Club is limited to 25 folks, so sign up now! 

In the event that you’re unable to make it to one of the Saturdays, we will coordinate with you to create the perfect plant palette for you to pick up at an alternate time. 

One Container Year Long Membership $180 (3 Classes, 1 Container)
Two Container Year Long Membership $360 (3 Classes, 2 Containers)

(You receive a container at the beginning of the season. Forgot yours for summer or fall? Additional containers can be purchased for an additional $15)