Grass-like perennial with tubular stalks & attractive blooms. Stalks have a mild onion flavor; fresh or dried. Great in soups and salads. Chives will grow in almost any soil type, provided ample moisture and sunlight. The florets of the chive can be broken off and added to salads, dips, butters, and infused in vinegar. They are easy to dry and have a more concentrated flavor when dried. Use fresh chopped chives as a garnish and flavoring for many dishes - they also make a suitable substitute for scallions. The bulbs are slender, conical, and grow in dense clusters from the roots. The scapes are hollow and tubular with a soft texture, although prior to the flower they are stiffer than usual. The leave which are shorter than the scapes, are also hollow and tubular. The flowers are pale purple and star shaped with 6 petals. The purple flower heads are made up of individual florets.

ZONE: 3-9