Calycanthus 'Harlage Wine'

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A cross between Asian Calycanthus and our native Calycanthus (sweetshrub) brings an inspired result in the form of this upright growing beauty. Its deep brown verticle growing branches are covered with large, impossibly shiny, deep green foliage lending a luster that stands out on this vigorous grower. While its foliage and form are noteworthy, its bloom is a total knockout with hundreds of 2-3" diameter, liver-red to purple-colored, lightly fragrant flowers in late May through late June. It's hard not to be completely enthralled when this plant is blooming because there are very few flowers out there that look quite like these! 'Hartlage Wine' is an easy-care plant that will thrive in full sun and moist, well-drained soils. Give it room because it wants to grow and fill a large space.