Acer palmatum dissectum 'Crimson Queen'

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Acer palmatum, commonly called Japanese Maple, is a deciduous shrub or small tree that typically grows to 10-25' (infrequently to 40') tall.  Var. dissectum is typically a much smaller, rounded, slow-growing shrubby form (often with cascading branching) that rarely matures to more than 12' tall with a larger spread. Palmate leaves, each having 7-11 deeply incised lobes, are deeply cut to the base of the leaf. These dissected-leaf shrubs are commonly called laceleaf Japanese maple, cutleaf Japanese maple or threadleaf Japanese maple. Dissectum means deeply cut in reference to the deeply cut, feathery nature of the leaves.

'Crimson Queen' is a popular cultivar noted for its excellent leaf color retention throughout the growing season. Small reddish flowers in spring give way to samaras which ripen in late summer to early fall. As with many maples, the flowers are rather attractive close up, but are not particularly showy from a distance.

Common Name: Japanese maple 
Zone: 5 to 8
Height: 8 to 10 feet
Spread: 10 to 12 feet
Bloom Time: April
Bloom Description: Red
Sun: Full sun to part shade