Local Delivery Info

  • ($75) minimum for one truck and one driver, and includes local travel within a 15-mile radius from our site. Additional fees apply for deliveries beyond 15 miles.
  • Driveway or porch deliveries only at this time. Sorry, at this time we are unable to accommodate placing your items any further than the truck tailgate or your front porch.
  • $75 for each additional crew member needed in case of large root balls or items requiring a dolly. We will call you to accept payment for any additional delivery charges.
  • Please notify us immediately if you have a new driveway or low power lines.
  • Customer does not need to be home to accept delivery.
  • Bedner’s is not responsible for any/all damages done to driveway, parking lots, etc due to the delivery of bulk stone, mulch, topsoil, compost, hard goods or plant stock where the customer has instructed the delivery to be placed.
  • Any bulk product that has been over-ordered will not be picked up or reimbursed.