Cunning House Coffee Beans

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Coffee beans roasted right here in Pittsburgh by the Cunning House Coffee Co. Each bag is 12 oz. Please indicate which blend you would like in the checkout order notes box.

Rwenzori Uganda

Roast Level: Light

Notes of raspberry and cane sugar.


Tarrazoo Costa Rica 

Roast Level: Medium

Notes of tangerine and honey. 


Say "Moo" blend

Roast Level: Dark

Processing Method: Various

Suggested Prep Method: Espresso, French Press, Aeropress

Roaster’s Notes: This Cunning House custom blend is full of rich, chocolaty notes with a smooth hazelnut finish. The bold flavors stand up very well to milk, so whether you like just a dash of dairy in your morning brew or if you are a latte lover, this blend is for you.